12 April 2022

Iceland Seafood 90 Years

It’s about our heritage, the present
and a commitment to the future.

Iceland Seafood is a worldwide sales, processing and marketing group for a variety of frozen, fresh, salted and dried seafood and value added seafood products.

Our history and heritage dates back to 1932 from three associations: the Union of Icelandic Fish Producers (SIF), founded in 1932; the Herring Board, founded in 1935; and the Seafood Division of Samband of Iceland, founded in 1957. Our strong roots in the Icelandic seafood sector form the basis of our expertise and long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.

Today, Iceland Seafood is a respected industry leading supplier of North Atlantic fish and seafood and a leading service provider in our markets. We are one of the largest exporters of fish products from Iceland and a key processor of high-quality seafood in the Spanish, Irish and UK markets. We serve all major seafood markets worldwide, where we have depth of expertise and understanding to meet our customer’s needs, combined with innovative flexible solutions and strategic global distribution.