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Bergþór Baldvinsson - Board member

Bergþór Baldvinsson

Board member

Bergþór Baldvinsson is the CEO of Nesfiskur ehf. 

Bergþór has been the CEO of Nesfiskur since 1979. Nesfiskur is a family owned company that Bergþór and his parents started in 1975. Currently Nesfiskur has 4 trawlers, 3 seiners and 3 line fishers in it‘s service. Nesfiskur‘s main factory focuses on frozen light salted cod, while subsidiarys focus on fresh fish, shrimp and dried fish products.

Working at Nesfiskur since a teenager, Bergþór has familiarized himself with every aspect of the industry. The small family company has grown constantly from the beginning. Today, Nesfiskur and it‘s subsidiarys employ around 400 people.

Bergþór has been a board member of various companies and pension funds for the past two decades.

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