3 December 2020

Danny Burton appointed as Managing Director of IS UK

UK merger being completed in December

The merger of Iceland Seafood Barraclough and Havelok in UK will be completed by end of the year.  All operation of Iceland Seafood Barraclough has been moved from its previous premises in Bradford to the new factory building in Grimsby, the sale of facilities in Bradford were completed Mid-November.  Operations of Havelok will be moved to the new facility before end of the year.  With the merger being completed, Peter Hawkins will leave his position as Managing Director of Iceland Seafood Barraclough, the merged entity will be headed up by Danny Burton the Managing Director of Havelok.  

Peter has served as a Managing Director of Iceland Seafood Barraclough since the summer of 2018.  Iceland Seafood has since then strengthened its market position within sale of seafood to the retail sector in United Kingdom.  Peter has led the merger, including the move of Iceland Seafood Barraclough operations to Grimsby, which was finalized earlier this month. 

Danny has over 40 years of experience in the seafood processing sector.  He has built businesses in various management positions, servicing both retail and Food service customers.  In 2012 Danny partnered up with Iceland Seafood with the setup of Havelok Ltd, which has since then developed to a leading entity in the breaded whitefish segment to the UK foodservice sector.  

Bjarni Ármannsson, CEO of Iceland Seafood:

“With the new production premises in Grimsby being ready in less than a year in a very challenging external environment we have reached a milestone in our development. It has been a major task to bring this all together, practically navigating in turbulent waters. The team certainly deserves a kudos for their efforts in these difficult times shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Danny and his team all the best in utilizing this facility to become a leading processing whitefish and seafood entity for retail and food service sector in the UK and to thank Peter for his leadership in building the business and transforming two entities into one.”

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