22 January 2019

Bjarni Ármannsson is Iceland Seafood’s new CEO

The Board of Directors is delighted to announce the appointment of Bjarni Ármannsson as the new CEO of Iceland Seafood International (ISI).  Bjarni has been the chairman of the board of directors of ISI since September 2018. 

Helgi Anton Eiríksson who has been the CEO of Iceland Seafood International for the past 9 years has decided to step down as CEO. Lee Camfield, Chief Operations Officer, also announced that he is leaving his position at ISI. 

After almost a decade at the helm of the Groups great success they will both work closely with Bjarni and ISI’s senior management team in the coming months to secure a smooth transition as the Group continues its exciting progress across Europe and beyond.

Bjarni Ármannsson, Group CEO:

“I am extremely excited to be appointed the Group CEO of ISI. I have in my role as Chairman of the board seen first hand the opportunities that exist for this group of companies and the excellent work under the stewardship of Helgi that has been accomplished to date for which I would personally like to acknowledge and thank him for.

ISI’s strength is its people and the Group is blessed with first class teams across our nine operating companies. We look forward together to continuing along a path of strong financial growth ahead for the benefit of all stakeholders and all those who work in this group of companies and beyond” 

Helgi Anton Eiriksson:

“I am very proud of and grateful for my time as Group CEO of ISI. The group is performing strongly just recently announcing an improved 2018 profits outlook.  I am now starting my 10th year as CEO of the group and feel now is the right time personally to explore new opportunities.

The group continues to enjoy strong financial growth and the recent Iberica transaction has provided the group with many positives to look forward to and achieve. These successes have been delivered through the commitment and dedication of our great teams in different countries, our excellent supply partners and loyal customer base. 

I would like to thank them all for their support.  I personally also want to thank Lee Camfield, who has decided to step down as COO, for his in-valuable contribution to our success and growth in recent years.

Iceland Seafood will continue this strong and exciting journey under the leadership of Bjarni Ármannsson.  I have known Bjarni for many years and the group is privileged to have Bjarni take on this role as his highly respected international business experience and know-how is extremely valuable for the Group in what will be exciting years ahead for ISI.  I wish him and everyone at ISI well and look forward to closely following their continued success.”


Lee Camfield:

“It has been a great honour to have been involved with ISI since 2010 and to have helped oversee such a transformational journey.  The Group has many capable and professional management teams that it has been a privilege for me to work with and I thank them all.  These teams will continue their excellent work under Bjarni Ármannsson’s experience and guidance and I have no doubt they will together drive the Group through the next exciting phase of its planned growth.”

Mr Bjarni Ármannsson will resign from the position of Chairman of the Board to take up the Group CEO role. Mr Benedikt Sveinsson will become the Chairman of the board, a role he is most familiar with being ISI’s longest serving board director and Chairman and he will be accompanied and ably supported by Mr Mark Holyoake as board director.  

As previously announced a Shareholder meeting for Iceland Seafood International has been called on February 5th, 2019 where election of members to the Board of Directors is on the agenda in accordance with the Groups desire to list on the main market during 2019. 

Further information:  Bjarni Ármannsson  +354 5508000.

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