31 March 2023

Final of the Icelandic Cod Cooking School Competition 2023 with the participation of Iceland Seafood

The second final of the Icelandic Cod Cooking Schools Competition (CECBI) on his Spain Edition was held on 23rd March at La Cónsula, the prestigious hotel and catering school that won last year's competition, located in Malaga. The event, organised by "Promote Iceland/Bacalao de Islandia", was judged by chef Dani García and our colleague from Iceland Seafood Iceland, Tinna Gilbertsdóttir. Frozen desalted cod provided by Iceland Seafood was the basis for all the dishes prepared by the students from the 15 participating schools. The prize, a trip to Iceland to discover the cod and the country, went to Diego Chavero from Extremadura.

The student Diego Chavero from the Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Agroturismo de Extremadura with the dish "Merienda en Málaga" has won the final of the 2nd Icelandic Cod Cookery Schools Competition (CECBI) and has won the prize and the celebration of the next competition for Mérida, the capital of Extremadura. The winning recipe is a trompe l'oeil inspired by a "floreta", a typical dessert from the region of Extremadura.

Fifteen cookery schools from all over Spain took part in the competition, represented by the winning students from the semi-finals of each school:

Altaviana Hotel and Tourism School

Escola d'Hoteleria de les llles Balears (Hotel Management School of the Balearic Islands)

Bilbao School of Hotel and Catering

Galdakao School of Hotel and Catering

Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia

Barcelona School of Hotel Management

Leioa School of Hotel Management

Madrid School of Hotel and Catering Management

CETT School of Barcelona

Higher School of Hotel Management and Tourism of Extremadura

Hotel Management School of Malaga - La Cónsula

Hotel Management School of Benalmádena - La Fonda

Salamanca School of Hotel Management

School of Hotel Management TOPI

Le Cordon Bleu School

This competition for cooking schools is organised by “Bacalao de Islandia” in Spain, Italy (in February) and Portugal.

The Iceland Cod Cookery School Competition is an annual competition that aims to promote and bring future chefs closer to one of the fundamental pillars of Icelandic culture, gastronomy and economy: cod. The competition aims to discover new ways of preparing and preparing recipes for young cooking talents to encourage the creativity and know-how of our country's future chefs.

Iceland Seafood is one of the initial promoters of this initiative, which began a few years ago and provided, among many other things, the product used to cook the dishes in the competition. It is a way of supporting the gastronomic quarry by raising awareness of Icelandic cod among cookery students.

To find out more about this and other Icelandic Cod initiatives, visit www.bacalaodeislandia.es

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