17 March 2021

Iceland Seafood International ESG 2020 Report published

Iceland Seafood International is adopting a systematic, comprehensive approach to sustainability work. 

This effort is shaped to support the achievement of the UN’s global goals. This report is the third ESG report that the company publishes. The scope of the report for 2020 is broader than before and it shows the development of key metrics in the last three years. For the first time the report includes upstream and downstream emissions as a part of further development of the understanding of total effect that the group’s operations have.

This report is the result of the continued implementation of a data capture process across the group to record the key sustainability metrics of the operations. These metrics are according to the second version of voluntary non-financial guidelines for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) disclosure issued by Nasdaq’s Nordic and Baltic stock exchange, but not restricted to it. With the emphasis that the company puts on sustainable seafood that the topic is covered in the report and is included in the environmental chapter.


The key environmental aspects of Iceland Seafood are sustainable fisheries, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste. For the purpose of this report the scope for environmental metrics, apart from sustainable fisheries, are the value added factories within the Iceland Seafood group. These sites represent the great majority of Iceland Seafood‘s direct environmental footprint.


The social aspects of Iceland Seafood‘s operations are mainly towards its employees and their families. The key challenge is to stay a vibrant and safe workplace where discrimination is not tolerated.


Iceland Seafood International is a limited liability company operating under Act No. 2/1995 respecting Public Limited Companies. Under its Articles of Association, the Company is governed by shareholders’ meetings, the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer.

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