16 March 2020

Information related to Annual General Meeting

As previously announced the Annual General Meeting of the company will be held on March 19th 2020 at 4pm. According to an legal advice received, the Board of Directors does not have the authority to postpone the meeting, despite the recently published restrictions on Public Gatherings in Iceland.  Due to these restrictions the Board encourages the shareholders to vote in writing before the Annual General Meeting or grant a Power of Attorney to a joint representative to vote with instructions on each proposal on the agenda. 

For voting prior to the meeting, voting ballots are available on the company’s website www.icelandseafood.com/investors . The time limit to send in voting ballots and granted Power of Attorney has been prolonged. Signed, dated and witnessed voting ballots must now be received by the Company at its office or sent via email to the address agm@icelandseafood.com at least three hours prior to the Annual General Meeting to be considered valid. For granting a Power of Attorney, a form of Power of Attorney is available on the company’s website and shall also be emailed to agm@icelandseafood.com at least three hours prior to the Annual General Meeting.  If Shareholders need assistance on either electronic voting or granting of Power of Attorney they can contact Stefán Orri Ólafsson, stefan@lex.is.  Stefán can also assist with providing a representative to attend the meeting, at the Company´s expense.

The meeting will be webcasted live, a link will be published on the Company’s website www.icelandseafood.com/investors before the meeting starts. Recording will also be available after the meeting on the Company’s website.

As Iceland Seafood has received a written request from shareholders controlling more than one third of the share capital of the Company, a decision on dividend will be deferred until an extended Annual General Meeting, which shall be held at the latest two months after the Annual General Meeting. The request is made on the basis of Article 84 (3) of the Public Limited Companies Act No. 2/1995.

Deadline for notifications of candidacy for Board of Directors was on March 14th.  Below is a list of candidates for the Board of Directors:

Liv Bergþórsdóttir has over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, most recently as the CEO of Nova hf for 12 years in addition to various board positions.
Jakob Valgeir Flosason, CEO of Jakob Valgeir ehf. He has been a board member of Iceland Seafood since February 2019 and has long experience from the seafood industry.
Ingunn Agnes Kro – Lawyer.  Former director of Administration and Communication and General Counsel at Skeljungur hf. for more than 10 years. She sits on several boards of listed and unlisted companies in Iceland.

Bergþór Baldvinsson, CEO of Nesfiskur.  He has been the CEO of Nesfiskur for 34 years.

Halldór Leifsson, Marketing and Sales manager of FISK Seafood ehf. He has been in various management positions within the seafood industry for 30 years.


Gunnlaugur Karl Hreinsson, CEO of GPG Seafood ehf.  He has decades of experience within the seafood sector.

According to the Articles of Association of the Company, the Board of Directors shall be comprised of 3 to 5 members and up to one alternate member.  Consequently, the above candidates will be elected to the Board without ballot at the meeting. The board will therefore consist of 5 members and one alternate member but has consisted of 3 members and one alternate member from February 5th 2019. Information on all candidates to the Board of Directors will be made available on www.icelandseafood.com no later than two days before the meeting.   

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