18 January 2017

The Market Day - Markaðsdagur 2017. A great success

This year’s Market Day was held Thursday, 12th of January, and turned out to be a great success for all involved.

In the Reykjavík headquarters of Iceland Seafood International our employees, along with those of our affiliate companies gathered for internal talks and meetings with producers and suppliers.  After an intense morning the participants met for a hearty lunch that left everybody with and open mouth and full stomach.

By Reykjavík’s pond the beautiful theatre Iðnó served as the elegant setting for the official programme of the Market Day. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen relationships while sharing knowledge on the global fishing industry.

With Helgi Anton Eiríksson, Iceland Seafood International CEO, leading the discussions, a number of enthusiastic attendants listened to speeches addressing current topics regarding Iceland Seafood, its markets and the seafood industry in general.

The speakers were as follows:

• Pól Huus Sólstein – Founder and Managing Director of North Pelagic, Faroe Islands

• Björn Maríus Jónasson – Sales Director – Landfrozen Groundfish & Dried Fish, Iceland Seafood Iceland

• Rachel Appleton – Planning & Operations Manager Havelok Ltd, UK.

• Jón Garðar Helgason – Managing Director, IceNor AS, Norway

• Joselito Lucas – Comercial Director, Lugrade, Portugal

The event moderator was Helgi Anton Eiríksson, CEO of Iceland Seafood International

To conclude an otherwise exciting program, participants shifted gears over a nice dinner and watched a live broadcast from the match-up between the national teams of Iceland and Spain in the Men´s Handball World Cup. A nice end to an excellent day.

Iceland Seafood International wishes to thank all of the participants for partcipating in the Market Day. We hope to see everyone again next time, along with some new faces as always

You can see the picture gallery here 

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