24 January 2018

Markaðsdagur 2018: Great presentations, panel discussion and assistance

Market Day was held Friday, 12th of January

Market Day 2018

In the Reykjavík headquarters of Iceland Seafood International our employees, along with those of our affiliate companies gathered for internal talks and meetings with producers and suppliers.  After an intense morning the participants met for a hearty lunch that left everybody with and open mouth and full stomach.

By Reykjavík’s pond the beautiful theatre Iðnó served as the elegant setting for the official programme of the Market Day. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen relationships while sharing knowledge on the global fishing industry.

With Sigursveinn Bjarni Jónsson, Sales manager at Iceland Seafood Iceland, leading the discussions, a number of enthusiastic attendants listened to speeches addressing current topics regarding Iceland Seafood, its markets and the seafood industry in general.

The speakers were as follows:

Ásdís Kristjánsdóttir
Head of Economics SA
"Goodies and old ghosts"

Jón Þrándur StefánssonHead of Analysis at Marko Partners
"Which is better - fresh or frozen?"

Sturlaugur Haraldsson
Sales Manager Norebo Europe Ltd
"Cod from Russia - Development in Production and Sales"

Allen Townsend
Managing Director
Iceland Seafood Barraclough
"Market development of processed
H & G Cod into the UK and Europe”

After a Coffee break Ari Eldjárn the famous Icelandic comedian kept people laughing out loud for a healthy twenty minutes.  Ari was followed up by a panel discussion about the situation in the Icelandic fishing sector today.  Our panel participants were; 

Arnar Atlason
Managing Director of TOR
and Chairman of the Board of SFÚ

Guðmundur Smári Guðmundsson
Chairman of the Board of the Icelandic fishery auction markets and Managing Director of Guðmundur Runólfsson hf.

Heiðrún Lind Marteinsdóttir
Managing Director of SFS

The panel event moderators were Helgi Anton Eiríksson, CEO of Iceland Seafood International and Sigursveinn Bjarni Jónsson

To conclude an otherwise exciting program, participants shifted gears over a nice dinner and watched a live broadcast from the match-up between the national teams of Iceland and Sweden in the Men´s Handball European Cup where the Icelandic team won a convincing victory. A nice end to an excellent day.

Iceland Seafood International wishes to thank all of the participants for participating in the Market Day

You can see the picture gallery here 

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