22 March 2017

Iceland Seafood Barraclough launches Smart Fish

The SMART FISH brand has been developed in response to customer’s requirements for a frozen fish brand that offers both quality and responsiveness in terms of supply as part of its core values.

With a wealth of experience spanning over eighty years, Iceland Seafood International have been supplying customers with a wide range of frozen, fresh, salted and dried fish products from their own factories and distribution centres across the world. With an established supply chain that stretches globally and operations in Europe, North America and Asia, they are one of the largest exporters of fish products from Iceland

This smarter thinking brand provides Caterers, Retailers and Foodservice Customers, with opportunities to source a range of quality Fish and Seafood products based on their requirements with the emphasis on speed to marketplace. SMART FISH is backed by an enviable global sourcing network of supply chain solutions.

The SMART FISH brand brings together a whole philosophy based on smarter thinking and is defined by:

  • Smarter meal solutions. The SMART FISH brand is based on innovative and convenience meal solutions offering flexible and appetising menu planning.
  • Smarter responsiveness. The SMART FISH brand delivers on flexibility and responsiveness, giving you efficient and speedy routes to marketplace.
  • Smarter nutrition. The SMART FISH range only uses premium fish and seafood frozen at its peak ensuring highest levels of product quality.
  • Smarter sustainability. All SMART FISH products are responsibly sourced and backed by a global policy of sustainability and responsible ocean stewardship.
  • Smarter efficiency. The SMART FISH range has been developed to have minimum waste offering you the customer, maximum opportunities to increase your profit margins.
  • Smarter cost control. The SMART FISH brand delivers on price giving you more cost control and increased opportunity for profitability.
  • Smarter formats
  • ThE SMART FISH brand brings you meal planning formats tailored specifically to the needs of either the retailer or the caterer.

SMART FISH has been developed by Iceland Seafoods Barraclough, part of Iceland Seafood International, a leading global supplier of quality Fish and Seafoods. 

Learn more at the The Smart Fish website

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