2 July 2017

The Iceland Seafood International Group has a new online presence

  • The strategy will be based on the group’s new corporate website and the development of websites for each of the branches
  • Although each of the websites will be different, they will all be aligned in terms of text and images

More than a year ago, the Iceland Seafood International Group started a process of converging its companies’ different online strategies. This cohesion process is beginning to bear fruit with the publication of the corporate website and the websites of Iceland Seafood Spain and Iceland Seafood Iceland, which will be published during the month of July, 2017. The rest will be published soon after.

As you can see, these websites are up-to-date in terms of technology and communication resources. They include both local information and links to the group’s corporate information.

We hope you find them useful!



The new Iceland Seafood Iceland website is now online!

Visit www.icelandseafood.is



The new Iceland Seafood Spain website is now online!

Visit www.icelandseafood.es

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