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We are a respected industry leading supplier of North Atlantic seafood & a leading service provider in our markets

A key processor of high quality seafood in the Spanish and UK markets. We are one of the largest exporters of fish products from Iceland. Proud of our team of over 280 people, their know-how and their expertise.

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With Strong Roots in the Icelandic Seafood Sector
Since 1932 History & Heritage

Iceland Seafood International is the descendant of three associations and has inherited an important part of their business connections, both on the producing and the marketing side. 
These are: The Union of Icelandic Fish Producers (SIF), founded in 1932; The Herring Board, founded in 1935, and the Seafood Division of Samband of Iceland, founded in 1957, later Iceland Seafood International

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We operate two divisions with seven subsidiaries in Europe and North America.

Three processing factories and cold stores in Europe.

Have been around since 1932.

Value added

Iceland Seafood Spain

Serving the Mediterranean Market

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Seafood making history

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Iceland Seafood Barraclough

Focused on supplying great quality seafood & finding solutions for our important customers.

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Sales and distribution

Iceland Seafood Iceland

With strong roots in the Icelandic Fishing Sector

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Iceland Seafood France

Vous méritez le meilleur, nous vous l´offrons!

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Iceland Seafood Germany

 Supplier of high quality fresh seafood from Iceland

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Iceland Seafood USA

Full range of Cod, Haddock, and Pollock/Saithe products for the distributor, foodservice and restaurant industry in the USA.

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Serving main markets

Iceland Seafood is always looking for talented people

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